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Hunt or Add? Adding on to a House Instead of Looking for a New One.

Updated: May 19, 2021

By Nava Brahe

The great debate between buying a bigger house and adding on to an existing one has never been more heated than right now. Real estate prices are again trending ever upwards in many urban areas, and residential development is everywhere.

So where does that leave building an addition to your existing home? For some homeowners, according to the website Remodeing, 2020 was an up-and-down year depending on the type of project undertaken. Many homeowners invested in major projects during the COVID-19 pandemic that did not provide a good return on investment because of the high demand and increased cost of building materials. Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic, that is all set to change, as everyone is reconsidering their spaces, and planning to either add on or search for bigger homes.

If you would rather stay put and consider an addition, here are some suggestions to help you make the choice that is right for you and your family:

Open Up a Room with Windows

Adding floor-to-ceiling windows to a room that looks out onto your property opens up a room and adds visual dimension and natural light to a living room, dining room, or family room. A folding glass wall system, and the addition of an outdoor deck adds living space, as well as options for entertaining family and friends during the warmer months.

Add Another Bedroom

If your house has a covered patio or a partially enclosed sunroom, that space can be fully enclosed to create another room that can be used as a guest bedroom, office, or den. With so many people continuing to work from home, an extra room comes in handy now more than it ever has. Adding sliding glass doors will let in loads of natural light, making the room a bright and cheery space everyone will want to spend time in.

Expand Your Kitchen

Something called a “micro addition” or a “bump-out” can add about 100 square feet to a kitchen. A breakfast bar or an island can not only add value, but also storage and the ability to have an eating space were there previously wasn’t room for one.

Do a Major Renovation

Have you always wanted to live in a two-story home? A major renovation to add an entire floor is a massive undertaking, but if your love your home and the area you live in, it could cost substantially less than buying a new home or moving to a new neighborhood. Many older homes have the bones to handle a project of this size, and if done correctly, this is one project that could add substantial value to your home.

As always, we recommend working with a reputable, qualified general contractor when choosing to undertake any remodeling or renovation project. Contact us for more information or an estimate.

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